She graduated at the Academy of Dramatic Arts, Dramaturgy department, University of Zagreb, Croatia in 2007. She writes plays as well as scripts for television and occasionally works for children and youth theatre. She directed a documentary film "(In)curable optimist" in 2010. Her plays are staged in Croatia and abroad.


Prizes: The Dean's Prize for the play "The Dolphin, the Cancer and the Swallow", Third National Prize "Marin Držić"  for playwriting for play "Skyscraper" in 2007.

With plays "The Dolphin, the Cancer and the Swallow", "Flesh" and "Skyscraper"  she participated in Autorenforum, Frankfurt, Germany, Interplay Europe (Greece) and World Interplay (Australia) and play "Skyscraper" had stage-reading on Festival of contemporary European dramaturgy in Chile in 2010.

Her plays are translated in English, German, Italian and Spanish.

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